The Excel Flowsheet Simulator (produced by MIDASTech)

Flowsheet Simulation


Many Excel Users realise there are various methods available to make Excel:

 • More user-friendly

 • Less error prone 

• More automated 

ExcelFlow captures many of these methods by using visual modelling. A flowsheet (or flowchart) is a diagram represented flow of a process, and is composed of connectors and shapes. Flowsheet capability is already available in Excel. ExcelFlow enhances this capability by linking connectors and shapes to predefined unit models. ExcelFlow therefore represents a positive paradigm shift in the way you use Excel. Instead of manually repeatedly creating complex process models, ExcelFlow allows those process models to be created using a flowsheet. 

Flowsheet created in Microsoft Excel (mineral processing plant)
Flowsheet created in Microsoft Excel (mineral processing plant)

Potential Applications

Envisaged applications are extensive and include (but not limited to): 

• Engineering (Minerals, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, etc) 

• Accounting

• Financial modelling

• Business Modelling

Status of ExcelFlow

ExcelFlow recognises 3 types of users:

• Developers (domain experts)

• Designers

• End-users 


As is, ExcelFlow is currently best suited to Developers. The Developer is a domain expert and can either:


• Write front-end Excel models (does not involve writing software)

• Write VBA-based models.

• Writes models in some other software language.


ExcelFlow provides a linking framework to associate each specific model with a specific shape. Of these 3 methods, front-end Excel models are expected to be the most common. 

The Designer creates a flowchart which ExcelFlow converts to the desired process model.

The End-User applies the process model to different data.

Business Model (Affiliate program)

ExcelFlow Business model for creation of customised extensions for end-users

The strategic plan for mass-market release of ExcelFlow is to make it available to the already existing millions of users of Excel, which in turn makes the cost to each user minimal.


In order for the extensions to be made produced domain experts need to be involved (via negotiation). These domain experts can be considered affiliates.


Extension Applications currently under development


ExcelFlow_MinMass (Mass Balance system for mineral processing/ to be released early 2023)

ExcelFlow_MinSim (Mineral processing simulator) 

ExcelFlow_Pipe (Water flow through pipes - prototype)

ExcelFlow_Electrical (Electrical circuits – prototype)

Please register your interest

When registering your interest, you will also be asked what is your specific desired application and what type of user you expect to be.